photo of the week: “in search of squirrel”

Photograph of a CTA train passing through the Wabash Arts Corridor in the South Loop
In Search of Squirrel” © Tracey Capone Photography

My obsession with pops of color and CTA trains is evident in most of my Chicago train imagery; give me a pop of teal blue and I’m over the moon. Add in the unexpected twist of a moose in the middle of this crazy town and, well, I can’t resist. My photo of the week, “In Search of Squirrel,” is also one of my favorites.

Shot in the South Loop of Chicago, in the Wabash Arts Corridor, this was a delightful photograph to shoot. I was immediately struck by the geometric patterns created by the different buildings; Chicago’s architecture fascinates me in that way. You can have four completely diffrent styles of architecture right next to one another, each building with their own color, their own personality, and somehow it just works.



I am a self taught illustrator, photographer and teacher, located in the Chicago area. I believe in sharing my knowledge whenever I can, allowing students to grow in their own craft, whether it's photography or illustration. I am a Top Teacher on Skillshare where I share my knowledge of the Affinity and Adobe suites, Procreate and more. I also have a YouTube Channel where I share short form tutorials that complement my classes on Skillshare. I share my creative space with my husband, painter Joe Smigielski, and our three entertaining and nutty felines: Jack, LuLu and Sadie.


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