• The Art of the Festival (Introduction: How to Thrive, Not Just Survive, the Art Festival Scene)

      Lugging everything to the location for hours of setup: your tent, your display gear, the work. Here in Chicago, this typically happens in hot and humid weather, with the chaos of everyone else setting up at the same time, plus the noise of the city,  so you’re a sticky, sweaty ball of confusion and exhaustion. If you’re lucky, you get to set up the night before, go home, catch some shuteye and start fresh in the morning. (if you weren’t there until 1 am…) If not, you’re up at 4 am, hoping to get as early a start as possible so that the tent is all set up in…

  • Abstract photograph of the Eiffel Tower in Paris, as seen from beneath with the sun shining through. Photograph by Tracey Capone

    Photo of the Day: “Basking” (An Abstract Photograph of the Eiffel Tower in Paris)

    Going to Paris in April is always a gamble when it comes to the rain. We arrived to sunny weather which quickly gave way, that afternoon, to heavy rain showers. When in Paris though, you don’t let some rain get in the way, you just plan your time around it. My husband and I had both been to the Eiffel Tower in past visits but wanted to see it again, together. (and, admittedly, I was on a mission to capture some of the spring blossoms in Champ de Mars surrounding the tower) Nothing really prepares you for just how awe inspiring the tower is, no matter how many times you…

  • Photograph of a CTA train passing through the Wabash Arts Corridor in the South Loop

    photo of the week: “in search of squirrel”

    My obsession with pops of color and CTA trains is evident in most of my Chicago train imagery; give me a pop of teal blue and I’m over the moon. Add in the unexpected twist of a moose in the middle of this crazy town and, well, I can’t resist. My photo of the week, “In Search of Squirrel,” is also one of my favorites. Shot in the South Loop of Chicago, in the Wabash Arts Corridor, this was a delightful photograph to shoot. I was immediately struck by the geometric patterns created by the different buildings; Chicago’s architecture fascinates me in that way. You can have four completely diffrent…

  • hello there!

    Welcome to my brand new blog! A little about me, Tracey Capone, the artist and photographer behind the blog.