Sunday Morning in Montmartre: Two People, One Camera and No Plans in Mind

The other day in my post about Venice, I talked about the magical light that pulls you in as you walk around the back canals. I can honestly say it is a light I have never seen elsewhere, until one Sunday morning on our recent trip to Paris.

My husband, Joe, and I stayed in Montmartre for the week, a section of Paris that I have previously visited and loved. We had spent the week hopping on and off the Metro seeing as much as we could possibly see and, after a week of that, decided we would take a day and just explore the neighborhood without an agenda. Basically, we wanted to walk without a guide, with no destination in mind.

I have done this in every place I have lived and visited as I find it’s the best way to learn the area and come across unexpected sights. I certainly wasn’t disappointed when we decided to hike up a small street and turned around to this beautiful view.

Rooftops of the Parisian apartments in Montmartre by Chicago artist Tracey Capone
Sunday Morning in Montmartre” © Tracey Capone Photography

The light hitting in just the right way, and the abstract of the traditional Parisian architecture, with those wonderful little orange chimneys, made for one glorious shot.

Sunday Morning in Montmartre,” ended up being one of my favorite photographs from the trip but the day turned out a lot of wonderful photographs that have been a wonderful reminder of a truly magical trip. I can’t wait to share this, and more, at festivals this summer.

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  • Shannon

    This is beautiful! Is this for sale as a print? My husband and I went to Paris for our honeymoon and Montmartre was one of our favorite areas to visit. <3

    • Tracey Capone

      Thank you Shannon! I agree! Montmartre is amazing! Yes, it is available as both a print and wood mount on my website. Just click the link on the name of the photograph and it will take you right to it 🙂

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