Textural Floral Illustration on Affinity Designer for iPad

I have had a love affair with texture as long as I have been creating art. It started with my photography and eventually worked it’s way in to my illustrations.

I am sharing my love of all things texture in this new class all about creating, and adding texture to, floral illustrations using Affinity Designer for iPad.


In this class, which is geared towards beginners as well as intermediate users, we’ll run through Designer’s entire User Interface. There I will break down the individual workspaces and show you the tools under each one.

Next, we’ll take a look at Designer’s built in shapes in the Rectangle Tool, as well as the Pen and Pencil tools which allow you to freeform create objects.

I’ll show you how to use all of these tools to create organic looking flower and leaf shapes that you can use to create illustrations, surface patterns, for client work, and more.

Once we have our shapes created, I will walk you through how you can add beautiful, organic texture to your florals using a combination of vector and raster tools.

When you take the class, you will receive my, “Nature Elements Assets Pack,” and “Texture Floral Vector Brush Set,” both of which can be used to layer up your own textural flowers. I will also show you how you can use the Assets Studio to save your own complete objects for use in future illustrations, surface patterns, and more.

And finally, we will pull everything together and create a full floral bouquet using all the techniques learned in the class.

The class is broken down so that everyone from beginner through intermediate can benefit from the class. Already know Designer’s user interface and want to get started on creating? No problem! Simply skip ahead to the last half of the class.

The skills taught in this class wil provide the building blocks needed to go on to create even more complex, textural illustrations, like those below, using Affinity Designer for iPad.

Exploration,” an original illustration by Tracey Capone Fine Art
Portrait of Mr. Pennywhistle,” an original illustration by Tracey Capone Fine Art

For the class, you will need an iPad, the Affinity Designer for iPad app, and an Apple Pencil or compatible stylus.

Don’t have Skillshare but would like to check out the class? Take a look and get the first two months free as my guest by clicking the image below. See you there!

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