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I find it difficult to encapsulate my work in a brief artist statement. Lewis Hine once wrote, “If I could say it in words, I wouldn’t need to photograph.”  As I am not a poet, I will simply say, I have found my home on the opposite side of the lens. I’ve spent most of my adult life in the corporate world, never finding the sense of satisfaction and happiness that I do when I take a photograph of a simple leaf and it turns out to be something extraordinary.

Where Alice had the Looking Glass, I have my camera lens. I often feel as if I see life through a lens, as, no matter where I find myself, I’m always framing the “perfect” shot in my mind.  While I understand exposure, angles and framing and know the inner workings of my camera, I still find myself happily surprised at the end result of my photographs, albeit always aiming to learn from each shot.

Some of my work is layered to add texture or aging and, while some might say this is not true art, I would venture to say my original photograph will stand solidly on its own. When manipulating a photograph, my intention is not to correct or enhance it but, simply, to show the subject from a different perspective.

In the end, I could use all sorts of dramatic and artistic words to describe my work, hoping to evoke an emotion in the reader. The simple fact is, I photograph things that are pleasing to or intrigue me and hope that they are pleasing to those who view my work.


  1. jill


    So happy I stumbled across your Etsy site and blog…amazing eye you have, loving your work!! I’m sharing your site/ blog with my readers tomorrow to share the inspiration.

    Happy Fall!

    1. Tracey

      Thank you so much Jill! I truly appreciate the wonderful compliment and sharing my site/blog with your readers! Both are very much appreciated!

      Happy Fall to you as well!

  2. LynAn

    Falling in love with your work Trace… Kudos to you!!! please keep up the good work..I know you will,coz that’s what you love to do… 🙂 thanks 4 this wonderful blog!!! love!!!

  3. Collette

    Your photography is amazing! As an enthusiastic amateur photographer, I understand completely the feeling you experience when transforming an already beautiful capture. I love to manipulate digitally and show things from a different perspective too! Thanks for the inspiration.

  4. Rob

    Found your blog via the jellyfish at Beautiful photography. Myself, I think layering & manipulation are intrinsic to art being art – to think otherwise would be to assume that ‘Ulysses’ as we have it was a first draft, or that ‘Guernica’ wasn’t sketched countless times before brush was put to canvas. Which is just crazy thinking, so I’m with you on the different perspective thing!

  5. crisis

    You’re not a poet you said and still, the first part of your description says exactly some things I could never express about myself, because I’m unable to do so… Your photos are great, I wish mine will be so great one day. Having a passion like this these days is very hard, but you’re doing great I see, and I hope you’ll continue doing so 🙂

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