My Facebook Group

I, along with my husband, artist Joe Smigielski, have created a Facebook group dedicated to all things digital texture. Whether you create your work on your iPad, or your desktop, and no matter the application (Adobe Suite, Procreate, Affinity Suite and more) you are welcome to join us!

What is the group about?

We are about sharing digital texture tips, tricks, and questions as well as our work in a safe, non spammy, and friendly environment. Have a new app you love, or a tip you want to share? Or maybe you’re stuck on something and just need help or want a non-judgemental place to share your new creations.

Our members come from varying backgrounds and levels of ability but everyone has the same, friendly approach to working with other artists. Come join us!

What does “textural” mean in digital art?

Texture can be added to digital art in any number of ways whether it’s using textured brushes, applying color in creative ways, blend modes, texture image files… the possibilities are endless. The end result, no matter how it’s reached, is beautifully dimensional art that almost wants to jump out of the screen.

How can I join?

We would love to have you join us, just click the link below!

If you love digital texture and either want to share, want to know more, or are looking for inspiration, we would love to have you there. All are welcome!

We are happy to foster a friendly environment where you can share as much, or as little, as you would like.

Just click this link and come join us!

See you there!