Create a Sketchbook Mockup in Affinity Designer | YouTube Tutorial

Welcome to my latest YouTube tutorial , showing you how to create this fun, illustrated sketchbook mockup for your lettering or illustration work using Affinity Designer. So happy to have you here!

While I will be using the iPad version of the app, the tools are the same between the iPad and desktop versions so, as long as you know where the tools are, you can follow right along.

HINT ALERT! The illustration above is a hint as to what my next Skillshare class will be.

Use this as a fun way to present your work on social media, or in online listings in your Etsy shop (just be sure to note that the notebook isn’t included). If you love digital journaling, you can also use this process to create a fun notebook background for your journal in Goodnotes and other annotation apps.

The best part? Everything you need is built right in to the app and I will show you exactly how to find it.


If you would like to use the exact color palette I used to create my sketchbook mockup, please feel free to use color palette links below.

Download the Color Palette (iPad Version)

Download the Color Palette (Desktop Version)

Please note: Affinity Designer for iPad does not have import capabilities with color palettes. The download above is the png file with the swatches to sample to create a palette. The download for the desktop version is an afpalette file that can be imported directly in to Affinity Designer for Desktop. Please see the videos below for a step by step walkthrough of how to load the palettes in to each version.

How to load the palette in to Affinity Designer for iPad:

How to load the palette in to Affinity Designer for Desktop:

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